A History of the World

In the beginning, the primodials created the heavens and the world. The gods followed by creating the races and beasts of the world. Both the gods and primordials roamed the earth freely, living in harmony with each other and all the creatures of the earth. This peace lasted for several millennia, but not without a certain amount of strife. Eventually the gods and primordials decided they could not live with each other and a battle for control of the world ensued.

So began the Dawn War. The gods and primordials battled for control of the earth. The world was fractured and the people of the world decimated. In the end the gods prevailed and the primordials were banished to the Plane of Elemental Chaos. The gods also decided that their presence in the world was too disruptive for their creations. The gods left the world for the Astral Plane.

Prior to the gods final departure some of them established contingencies so that the people of the world could defend themselves should threats once again appear out of the darkness at the borders between the Elemental Chaos and the world. One of these contingencies was the creation of the city of Argent and the establishment of the Paragon Compact. This agreement between all of the civilized people of the world put in place a mutual defense pact, with Argent as the first line of defense.

According to the compact, it was the duty of every nation and empire to provide champions to serve as guardians and agents of Argent. In practice, paragon-tier heroes volunteered or were selected through a variety of means to take their place on the walls of Argent. Vardar, Bael Turath, Arkhosia, Nerath – all these ancient empires and others regularly sent champions to serve in Argent.

The champions worked alone and in groups to investigate potential threads whenever they appeared. There were never enough champions at any given time to create more than a small strike team or two. They could not police the entire world. They concentrated their efforts on the most powerful, most otherworldly menaces – incursions into the world by powerful Far Realm entities, demon lords, and primordials being the most common threats that the champions attempted to investigate and deal with. But they weren’t an army, and many other dangers had to be left to adventurers, nations and ordinary people to deal with as best they could.

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A History of the World

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